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On Monday, December 7th, Kathy Lambert, member of the King County Council who has been the driving force for the Keller’s proposal to be selected for the Tall Chief property and one of our greatest opponents in our assertions to the county to hold true to the values of the original RFP made a power move that is rare: she called for an immediate vote by the council for Tall Chief to be put on the agenda of the council meeting allowing no public input. Rob Dembowski, who is the KC council member who has been our true advocate in this process, spoke with clarity and passion, urging fellow council members to consider the important long-term consequences of giving away too much to too few. But to no avail. The council voted 6-2 in favor of the Keller proposal, driving this decision to final approval.

In the words of Council member Rob Dembowski in a letter to one of our Tall Chief Advocacy members: “I’m sorry we couldn’t carry the day on any of the improvements to the proposal. All I can say is that I think some behind-the-scenes politics won out over good policy…Thank you and the community for raising serious concerns about what occurred here. I don’t believe that many of the third party proponents looked beyond their particular agendas. My responsibility is broader- to look at all of the issues raised by the proposal.”

We are angered, and deeply saddened by this outcome, but as one of our members, Becky Davie, has stated: “Sometimes it is easy to be discouraged in a world of so much injustice and to feel alone standing against it. It would be my joy to continue working in some way together to create what was envisioned. Maybe that was just the spark that will ignite a fire of commitment and determination that will spread and “grow” something grander, more just, more diverse and inclusive because that is how we heal ourselves, our community and the wider world.”

We are still committed to doing all we can to regenerate and sustain our environment, our community, and our future generations. We hope that you will stay on board with us. We know that the effects of all of your time, effort and heartfelt contributions to the Save Tall Chief cause, and to the greater good it sustains will continue to unfold, and become more apparent over time.

Save Tall Chief